What if I'm not satisfied with my order?

No problem,2-week money back guarantee.
Test them with your own eyes & nose 👀

I haven’t received my order confirmation email

Check your spam box. Not in spam? No problem, send us an email - contact@mockflower.com and we will take care of it!

I received the wrong or damaged flowers?

We're sorry this happened. Please contact our team immediately with your name, email and order number. We’ll provide a return label and ensure the error is resolved.

Contact us on contact@mockflower.com

I received a damaged order?

We're sorry this happened. Please contact our team immediately with your name, email and order number. We’ll provide a return label and ensure the error is resolved.

Contact us on contact@mockflower.com


What if I get bored of looking at the same silk flower bouquet the whole time?

No problem, when you get bored return your old one to us in good condition, and receive up to 40% discount on your new silk flower bouquet.

How to return your old silk flower bouquet:

  1. Send us an email with name and order number
  2. We will send a return label
  3. After reviewing condition of bouquet we will send you a discount code, up to 40%, for your new bouquet.

Delivery & Returns

Which countries do you ship to?

Right now we ship only to the Netherlands. Other countries are coming soon.
You don't live in the Netherlands? No problem, send us an email (contact@mockflower.com) and we will send you a quote on delivery costs to your country. Will probably be around 10 - 15euros.

When will my order be shipped?

We aim to ship your order within 1 to 2 business days.

We work with DPD & DHL in the Netherlands. They promise next day delivery, so your order should arrive somewhere between 2 to 4 business day after purchase.

My order has not arrived yet, what should I do?

Send us an email at contact@mockflower.com and we will help you resolve the issue.

How will my order be delivered?

We send our flowers & bouquets wrapped in brown flower paper, just like at your local florist, and pack it into a 100cm x 20cm x 20cm box. If you left a personal message, we will have included a handwritten card.


Do you offer personalized messages with orders?

Yes, leave your message in the text box above the buy button and we will make sure a hand written card is given with the silk flower bouquet.

Silk flowers make for an original gift, especially for those in the hospital where fresh flowers may not be allowed. They are also a great choice for your boyfriend, father, or someone who doesn't typically have flowers in their home due to their low-maintenance nature.

In our culture it is common to thank someone with flowers, so give ones that last 🙂

Silk Flowers

How are silk flowers more sustainable than fresh flowers?

Silk flower bouquets are the more eco-friendly choice compared to fresh-cut flowers, for several reasons:

Fresh-cut flower farming consumes substantial energy; greenhouses and refrigerated transportation result in significant carbon emissions, which are still being subsidized.

Fresh-cut flowers demand a large amount of water and the use of pesticides to maintain their freshness and beauty, all for the short lifespan of approximately two weeks.

In contrast, silk flowers require minimal energy and water to be produced, need no pesticides, and have a significantly longer lifespan.

How come silk flower bouquets are so much more expensive than fresh bouquets?

Quality silk flowers are indeed an investment. They last longer, require no maintenance, and are reusable. Over time, they are more cost-effective.

Why are they called silk flowers? Are they all made of silk?

Not all flowers are made from silk. Over time silk flowers has become the common naming for artificial flowers. Silk flowers is the name used for premium fake flowers. Today, they're often made from various materials like polyester, fabric, plastic to achieve a lifelike look. All our artificial flowers are sourced one-by-one, based on fabric quality and level “real touch”.

Can I create a custom silk flower bouquet?

Of coarse, you can choose to mix & match with our single silk flowers. If you select 5 or more you will receive 10% discount on all five silk flowers. To create a modern silk flower bouquet all you need is five stunners!

What vase goes well with this silk flower bouquet?

Vases are not (yet) included with our silk flower bouquets. Vases that go well are:

  • Tall vase, around 40cm or more. Our silk flowers are tall, on average ~70 - 80 cm long.
  • A vase with a slim neck is ideal for our modern Scandinavian silk flower bouquets, which feature fewer fillers and larger, beautiful flowers. The narrow neck allows for optimal arrangement. If you use a vase with a wide neck, the arrangement may appear sparse.
  • Use a non-see-through vase, ceramic for example. Silk flowers have a longer lifespan when their stems aren't submerged in water.

What is life expectancy of this silk flower bouquet?

With no water, no direct sunlight and occasional dusting our silk flower bouquets have the chance of outliving you.
If you do choose to add water to the vase or leave your flowers outside then they will go for on average 6 - 8 years.