Our Story


Our story begins with a mission: to create high-end silk flower arrangements to reduce pressure on the cut flower chain.

As proud representatives of Dutch floral heritage, we found ourselves entangled in a flowery existential crisis. Deep-rooted in our flower knowledge, we suddenly awoke to the shocking reality of the significant ecological footprint of fresh flowers.

So, with a blend of Dutch pragmatism and a touch of eco-friendly enlightenment, we set out to find a greener alternative: artificial flowers.

Every quarter, we arrange 10 - 15 silk bouquets that complement the seasonal colours and flowers. We are constantly on the lookout for the best of the best silk flowers. To ensure consistency in the chaos of silk flowers, we have three simple rules:

🪻Quality Control: Can this flower stand alone and still fool the naked eye?
🌹Colour Control: Does the colour combination give off the right seasonal vibe?
🌻Style Control: Would Piet Boon choose this flower for his living room table?

In a world where 'ask and you shall receive' is the norm, we are trying to play a different tune. A slower melody that plays more sustainable & circular notes, from fast-fashion to forever-fashion.