Sinterklaas cadeau voor opa en oma

Gift from Sinterklaas for grandpa and grandma

Grandpa or grandma drawn with Sinterklaas tickets?
What is a nice gift to give to grandpa or grandma?

You already know what we're going to say… πŸ₯ silk flowers. Silk flowers are not only beautiful, but also the perfect gift for Sinterklaas, and especially for grandparents.

πŸͺ»Eternal Bloom: A gift that lasts is a gift that creates memories. 🎁

🧯 Easy maintenance: Grandpa and grandma already have enough maintenance problems. Give them flowers that they only have to enjoy.

🌻 Allergy-free: with age also come ailments and allergies. Don't take any risks, give flowers without pollen.

♻️ Sustainable: Grandpa and grandma also want their grandchildren's children to be able to enjoy the beautiful planet. Silk flowers are a gift that guarantees their wish.

The icing on the cake πŸŽ‚ we have already written a chorus for your Sinterklaas poem.

Don't worry about the time that will pass,
In silken splendor our love will stand forever.
A forest as a symbol, full of meaning and loyalty,
For my grandpa/grandma , always in bloom, always for you

Happy Holidays!

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